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How to connect your Magento store on ShippyPro

The connection will be in SOAP.

1. System > Web Services > SOAP/XML – RPC – Roles

2. Click on the button “ADD NEW ROLE”
3. Insert Role Name and and your Current Admin Password
4. Under Role Resources select Resource Access: “custom” and flag all the available fields.
5. Then click on System > Web Services > SOAP/XML – RPC – USERS
6. Add new User
7. Set as User Name, First Name, Last Name: ShippyPro
Email: support@shippypro.com
Current Admin Password: please insert your admin password.
API Key and API Key confirmation: insert a password that you would need to remember and write inside your ShippyPro profile.
8. From USER select the role you want to link (Admin) and click Save USER
9. Go back to your ShippyPro account > Marketplaces > click on the logo of Magento and fill all the fields:
insert the URL with http or https (https://www.example.com) then the SOAP Username and SOAP Password you just set in Magento.
Updated on 21 March 2019

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