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How to connect your Magento 2 to ShippyPro

  1. Login to your Magento website and click on System > Integrations 

2. Add new integrations

3. Insert only the name as mandatory field “shippypro”, leave the other fields blank

4. Click on API tab, Select “All” from the list and then click Save

5. You will see your ShippyPro integration and now you will need to active it by clicking on the “activate” link

6. Then click Allow

7. Now Magento gives you all the info you need for the connection

8. So now go back to shippypro, on the marketplace page click on the magento icon and fill the fields.

If the connection will be estabilished you will receive a positive message, otherwise you should check again your credentials or contact our team.

By clicking on the “To ship” panel on shippypro you will see all your imported orders and you will be ready to ship with ShippyPro!

Updated on 1 January 2019

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